Dissertation on Why Teachers Use Social Media

Posted on: August 27, 2011

Hey Guys.


As the title suggests I am putting a proposal together to do my dissertation for my MA Ed on the use and uses of social media by teachers and others in the world of education. This has been approved by my tutor as I cannot possibly do anything within the school I work in.

The dissertation is due to start in January 2012, but as this is a completely new medium for me I am going to get to work as soon as I can. After all, this is all new to me!

I hope to be able to do the following, with your help.

1) A survey, possibly through twtpoll (or any others that people may suggest), on why teachers use social media / which they use / how often, what teachers gain from using social media, what ultimately teachers feel that their students gain because they are using social media.

2) Delve into YOUR blogs etc for/as research.

3) Use this blog to ask questions and hopefully gain a fuller insight not only social media but technology in general, how it is used in the different curriculums around the world and what YOU are doing to help your students in their Internet World.

As some of you may already know, I have not really used technology and social media before, it is not used in my school – the computers have been broken for three years and phones etc are banned from the premises, and I have only been using Twitter, Facebook and this blog since the beginning of the summer.

I hope to be able to do an awful lot more in the future!


PLEASE HELP! I know that there is no way I will be able to achieve anything without the help of my PLN and any other teacher out there who can give five or ten minutes of their time every now and again.

I would love to hear from ANYONE who has any ideas / suggestions / help and particularly support.


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