Extra Curricular Learning

Posted on: October 8, 2011

Ok. School is kind of imploding at the moment and so I am NOT getting into it at all.

Let’s focus on what we can learn outside of school. In my quest for further learning I have started with other social media outlets to see what they are and what they do. Naturally this is going to start out very small.

Google+ What can I say? My hubby is in my family circle already. Very cool! Now all I need is a few people to follow or be friends with so that I can have other circles too. It’s very lonely otherwise. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The more you put in the more you get out so I really hope that I can do my best.

LinkedIn Have added a group to follow so I will see what I will see. This is all a professional site so education is key. Again, any good suggestions out there?

Quora Oh my! This is completely different. Like a wiki for questions and answers. Have seen some names mentioned that I know from Twitter so that is cool. Need to think of a question that won’t make me seem completely foolish and check out other questions to see if I can answer them. Oh Boy! Sounds like I will have to use my brain for this one!

Well, that was my week and weekend. Three new challenges that will pull me in different directions. Things to check and things to work out. I will hopefully be able to keep you updated in my quest for further learning and hopefully even see you on the quest!


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