Debrief Blog Post for Keely Griffiths’ MAEd Study

Posted on: May 6, 2012

Hi Everyone!

I want to give a huge THANKYOU to all those who participated in either Part One, Part Two or both parts of my research. I have completed it now and this is what is going to happen next.

I have closed the survey having reached the 100 participant target – You are ALL STARS for this.

I have collected the information for Part Two – You are DEFINITELY ALL STARS for that!

 All data has been processed and graphs and charts created. These charts will be placed in the appendix of my MAEd Independent Studies paper and discussed within the paper itself.

 The raw data collated by KwikSurveys will stay on their database but cannot be accessed by anyone other than myself and I have no intention to access it in the future.

 The raw data for Part Two has been destroyed.

 I will be continuing to write my dissertation for a deadline at the end of the year and will keep you updated on my progress. I also hope to put the results of my studies (and even the whole thing after marking) here or elsewhere on the web – I will let you know plans when they happen!


 Take Care of yourselves,

 Keely Xxx



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