Question about results of survey

Posted on: June 13, 2012

Hi Guys

I have been busy writing up parts of my dissertation and looking at the results I have received, in particular of the survey and I have a follow-up question for anyone that cares to answer it.

I asked in the survey how often participants used something they learned on Twitter in their planning/classroom and how often they shared something with other members of staff.

Where as many stated that they used resources for their own classrooms and teaching on a weekly basis, they shared information with colleagues less often!

Why do you think this is so?

I have heard two possible answers to this:

1) teachers feel that they don’t want to be singled out in the staffroom as the one that always has ideas and is seen to want to change things

2) teachers are more likely to be looking for specific help, such as lesson plans, on Twitter rather than information that could be used by the team they are working with in school, such as whole curriculum planning, policy making etc

What do you think?


1 Response to "Question about results of survey"

In my experience teaachers rarely share lesson ideas/resources amoung their colleagues unless specifically directed to e.g. at a dept meeting. Twitter seems to facililitate the sharing of ideas much more easily, maybe the slight distance of the medium means you are more likely to share or the fact that if it doesn’t work as well then you don’t have to see that person in the staff room.

Personally I haven’t shared ideas in my previous jobs as I’ve been the only biology specialist in the dept so there was no one to share with. So I am happy to share with others when asked on twitter.

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