About Me

Hey there.

After graduating for Manchester Metropolitan University fourteen years ago, I have been teaching Infant and Lower Primary classes in International schools, mainly in the Arabian Gulf. I love my job, I love the kids in my classes and I thrive when ensuring that every child in my classes achieve the best that they can!

The last couple of years I have been trying to extend myself by studying for a MAEd online with the University of Derby. This year sees me researching and writing my dissertation and as I have moved home in the last couple of weeks, beginning of February, I am taking the rest of the academic year off to focus on my studies, Blog, Twitter etc I truly hope that I can reach out to teachers, whether new or experienced, and help give them ideas that they can use in their own practice.

It was through my last module on the course that I learned first about Twitter, blogging and others and I was fascinated from the first time I checked it out!

I am also a wife, and right now I think this break from being in the classroom is making my husband very happy – no spending more money on the kids than on him when shopping for a while. Of course what the poor man doesn’t realise is that everything that has been left in them last place will have to be replaced before I start work again! Everyday I am thankful for and to him for the life we have.

I hope that those reading this, and the posts I write on this Blog, will gain something from it and that you can follow me on Twitter @keelygriffiths and ask any questions that you think of, no matter how small or big, and give me the opportunity to help you!

Take Care all,

Keely x


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